The Athletic Shoe that Really Gets People Talking!

You want to meet some new people without a hassle, try the Vibram Five Finger shoe. Yes, people do look at your feet! By trade I am a personal trainer, I have been walking in these shoes for the past two months and talk about the freaked out looks. It is quite funny to see people’s eyes do a double take in disbelief, at these unusual shoes. After the initial shock, the questions and comments start….Are those shoes? That looks strange! Yes, all of these observations seem appropriate but these shoes do their job.

Barefoot Athletic Shoe

Barefoot Athletic Shoe

This new athletic shoe invention can revolutionize the way we view foot wear and remind us of the importance of getting back to the basics. As a personal trainer I see a lot of people with knee, back, and hip pain and I believe this stress could be alleviated if they were wearing the proper foot attire. The Vibram shoes creates a barefoot walking experience just like on the beach. This is how we evolved and should not be compromised with poor shoe design that takes away from proper foot and ankle mechanics.
When I was 10 yrs old I got hit by a Jeep which left me with a broken ankle. It caused lots of challenges and possibly a NFL career. While in college I endured a lot of knee pain and had surgery on my patella tendon because my ankle could never function properly. Even after surgery both my knees seem to flare up when I would began to train hard. The focus was always on my knee but the problem was the shoes. The running shoes that I would wear when I trained caused the stress to the knees. One day a shoe designer was watching us train so that he could understand stress placed on the shoes when athletes trained. He had commented to me that the running shoes that I was wearing were not fit for the style of training I was doing. I had no real advice on what shoe I should be wearing and no understanding of the amount of stress I was causing on my body because my ankle and foot could not do their job.
… finally 10 years later I found a solution that could of help me…since I have been wearing Vibram five finger shoes I haven’t experienced any back pain from standing at my job. While heavy squatting, the knee pain, planter fascitis and my achilles strain from walking in Boston several miles a day has also gone away.
So really do yourself a favor, buy a pair Vibram five finger shoes and embrace the opportunity of meeting new people.  This where I purchased mine…

What are your thoughts on these shoes?    Please comment. 

The "barefoot" Athletic Shoe gets credit!

The "barefoot" Athletic Shoe gets credit!


6 Responses to “The Athletic Shoe that Really Gets People Talking!”

  1. John Boyles Says:

    That’s awesome – A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to those shoes! Here is related article that I had sent my Dad last year too about a company named Vivo that has the same philosophy:

  2. Those shoes are sweet! When do we get a YouTube of you walking around Bean Town with those on. How much do those thing cost?

  3. Can they make yetis run faster or look more coordinated while running? If I run through the woods with these shoes on will the bigfoot hunters think I’m a big-bear-sized yeti? I like the idea and I bet the claims are legit…but how warm can they be in Beantown during the winter? Ah, now that’s the question!

  4. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that chat who told me to go to your blog 🙂

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