Your ‘09 Nutritional Bailout Plan

When talking about nutrition with my clients, one of the most common lines I hear is, “I really don’t eat that bad.”  My instinct is to respond with a smart ass comment, “So what you really are telling me is you don’t eat that well either!”  Ultimately what it comes down to is our understanding of healthy nutrition.  


Tony Robbins, a self-help writer and professional speaker, talks a lot about how our standards and values shape the quality of life.


our standards and values shape the quality of life

our standards will also shape our body


So with that in mind let’s create a higher nutritional standard.

 Below is a list of foods that, in my opinion, are often misconceived to be “healthy.”             

1.      Dairy Products:

2.      Gluten Free (Breads, Grains, pastas) and other packaged foods:

3.     Soy: check out:

4.      Artificial sweeteners and sugars

5.       Cereal and Instant Oatmeals

6.   Snack and protein bars (most likely contain one of the above)

7.      Alcohol (you decide your own consumption)


Yogart is not good for you!

Yogurt is not good for you!


 The easiest way to do this is to create a template for your meals. 


Mine looks like this:

 Breakfast = Carbohydrate + Protein

Morning Snack = Carbohydrate + Protein

Lunch = Salad + Fat (avocado or nuts) try humus & apple cider vinegar for dressing

Afternoon Snack = Fat + Protein

Dinner = Protein + 2 servings Cruciferous vegetables

Optional Night Snack = Fat + Protein

Post Workout Meal = Carbohydrate + Protein


Basically in this system I try to eat carbohydrate and proteins in the morning and after workouts.  In the afternoon and night meals consist of protein, fats, and vegetables.

 If you are not sure about what foods contain carbohydrate, proteins, and fats use this site –

 I’ve also outlined a few sample meal ideas.

Breakfast Meals

Morning Snack

Dinner Meals

Eggs & Fruit

Protein Shake & Fruit

Alternate fish, turkey, chicken, ostrich, and buffalo with cruciferous vegetables.

Fruit & Protein Shake

Meat & Fruit

Meat & Fruit



Post-workout Meals

Afternoon & Evening Snacks

Shake – made from hemp, rice or peas.

Unshelled Nuts (Must buy a nut cracker)

Humus with vegetables of your choice (recommend peppers)


The standard to strive for… to not consume any of the 7 items on the list above and shoot for 90% adherence to your diet.  If you eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks it would come out to 35 meals a week.  No more than 3 bad meals a week, to obtain 90%. 


If you choose to drink count it as 2 bad meals.


Time for excuses?

The most common being, “I don’t like fruits and vegetables.”  Well guess what?  There are well over two hundred different fruits and vegetables.  Find the ones that work for you and when possible, BUY ORGANIC! 

It takes about 2 weeks for your taste buds to change and you will eventually begin to like more fruits and vegetables.


Alright….now it’s call to action time!

Spend the next 10 minutes and write down what you will eat and at what time.  Remember the new standard and the 90% adherence. 

If you cheat don’t quit just get back to the template.


So, I’m always looking for new ideas that would adhere to our higher standard…….


What are some of your favorite snack options?









Rather than fooling ourselves with these choices, let’s start with a plan. 


8 Responses to “Your ‘09 Nutritional Bailout Plan”

  1. Sara Little Says:

    Hi Bry,
    You would be proud of us we did our grocery shopping the other day there was nothing prepackaged, tons of fruits and veggies all organic I even bought hemp milk!!!

    • bryanarndt Says:

      Grocery shopping is quick when you have a plan to follow but you may have to go twice a week because fresh food will not last as long.

  2. I’m pretty sure I fell into the “I don’t eat that bad” category when I started training with you. Now, after over a month of following your advice, I am in a routine of healthy eating following your template plan. Thanks for all your guidance! Oh, and a tasty low carb snack that I like is dill pickles and cheddar cheese. Sounds weird but it’s delish.

  3. Sara Little Says:

    We only bought veggies for a week some for two and then meet for 2 weeks of course. Trying hard to accomplish goals. And for some reason neither one of us want to let you down or disappoint you in anyway! Thank you for all that you do and are. You are a good friend!

  4. Hey bry! great tips!!!!! yeah, i fall into the “don’t eat that bad” category. How is yogurt bad for you? It has calcium and if you add nuts, it gives you protein, and if you add fruits, it gives you extra vitamins. I will read your blog everyday and the next time you come in you’ll be very proud of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] Your ‘09 Nutritional Bailout Plan. When talking about nutrition with my clients, one of the most common lines I hear is, “I really don’t eat that bad.” My instinct is to respond with a smart ass comment, “So what you really are telling …Continue Reading […]

  6. Justin Kurpeikis Says:

    Can you go through and give a brief explanation of why each of the so-called “healthy” foods really aren’t? Thanks.
    BTW I should be getting my Vibram Five-Finger shoes delivered today.

  7. Info on why dairy is harmful…check link above

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