Bust Your Butt For Fast Results!

This is a phrase you normally hear a coach yell to his players. Well if you are looking to get in shape, you better listen!  Those who train others know that the best programs can give poor results, while a bad program can give you good results. The reason being, it all comes down to your intensity and effort. People who consistently workout at higher levels of intensity improve faster.

Work out with Intensity

Work out with Intensity

As an athlete growing up my goal was to get bigger, faster, and stronger, so that I could earn a scholarship to play college football. I would buy weight lifting magazines and use the programs that were catered towards body builders. Its funny thinking about a 15yr old kid spending two days on just arm training. I would do 12 sets for my biceps another 12 sets for triceps and, oh yeah, 5 more sets on forearms! To put it into perspective, most of the athletes I train now might spend an average of 3 sets a week on direct bicep work. The point is I was following a poorly designed program for an athlete, but was getting good results because of my intensity and effort.


The next time you are working out, rate your intensity from 1-10.

A rating intensity of one equals you’re better off just sitting in front of the TV.

Level 1 Intensity = watch TV

Level 1 Intensity = watch TV

An intensity rating of ten means you could not do another rep or move another five seconds.

Level 10 Intensity = Exhaustion

Level 10 Intensity = Exhaustion

If you have been training for more than 3 months you want your number to be some where between 7-9 intensity, maybe reaching 10 rating once every couple of workouts.  Be aware that you will have good and bad days, so don’t judge your intensity on past workouts. If you are unsure how to rate your intensity use a heart rate monitor. http://www.ellipticaltrainers.com/info/heart_monitor.htm


Wear a heart monitor

Heart rate monitor watch


Now that you’re ready to increase intensity and effort make sure you are listening to your body. If a particular exercise hurts, STOP DOING IT! Your workout should be hard, but getting injuries is not how you increase intensity.


1. Try to use heavier weight (no ladies you will not get bigger)
2. Add more sets to your workout
3. Less rest time: Use circuits and supersets (no rest between different exercises)
4. Go faster or increase resistance on aerobic work
5. Hire a trainer to learn new programs

Start with some of these suggestions and feel free to post other ways to increase intensity.

Good luck and Keep up the Intensity!


2 Responses to “Bust Your Butt For Fast Results!”

  1. ekjohnsto Says:

    I am a big fan of the heart rate monitor. Not only does it monitor intensity (for cardio at least?), but I know the Polar brand can link up to the web, and you can log all your workouts. So you really can’t fool yourself, it’s all there in black and white, well html anyway.
    I have had my Polar watch/monitor for over 2 years and I have no complaints.

  2. Using a stopwatch has helped me a lot. It’s funny how a 45 second rest seems overly long when you start your workout, but flies by near the end. Without the watch, I would definitely stretch my “quick” trip to the water fountain out.

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